Impact report: How 5G and IoT will change the fortunes of vertical businesses

Get fresh insights into the commercial evaluation of 5G and IoT as next-generation business enablers.

This primary research paper commissioned by Pelion, investigates how business leaders in key vertical industries plan to deploy and operationalize 5G and an AI-enhanced IoT. Discover which results innovators are seeking from these initiatives, as well as the use cases and outcomes they expect to be driven by these emergent technologies.

Key findings include:


Whitepaper: How Telcos Turn Massive 5G Data into Competitive Advantage

Data is one of the most critical components of a telecom’s competitive arsenal, and the arrival of 5G will amplify its importance. Opportunities abound for telecoms who can rapidly analyze their massive stores of data. Yet industry estimates show that operators access and analyze only a small fraction of their data while still fresh and relevant. Telecoms leave behind critical, game-changing business insights due to a reliance on legacy systems that cannot support their exponentially...

AWS Marketplace Webinar: Accelerate intelligence and streamline ingestion with a cloud data lake on AWS.

You're invited! Join Amazon Web Services and DevOps Institute to learn how to maintain your competitive advantage by modernizing your data platform.

WHEN: APRIL 14 | 1100 PT (1400 ET)

In this virtual session, learn how to get the full benefits of cloud data lakes without compromising the productivity of your DevOps team. Join Amazon Web Services and DevOps Institute as they outline a roadmap for modernizing your data platform - from ingestion to transformation and...

Preparing your corporate network for Microsoft Teams telephony: A guide

Microsoft Teams provides organizations with a compelling route to cloud telephony. It offers a full enterprise telephony feature set. It integrates telephony with Microsoft’s must-have suite of Teams collaboration tools – instant messaging, video conferencing and file sharing. And it leverages Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing service, which runs across 140 data centers around the world and is used by more than half of all Fortune 500 companies.

But in order to deploy Teams...

Which approach to Microsoft Teams telephony is right for your business?

The use of Microsoft Teams as a full business telephony replacement solution is gaining traction, but organizations are not always aware of the options available to them for connecting Microsoft Phone System to the public telephony network. This matters because there are distinct differences that have a bearing on critical issues such as pricing, geographical reach, implementation and support.

This whitepaper from LoopUp explores the two main options: Calling Plans and Direct...

Mavenir Whitepaper – OpenRAN: Mature and ready for Deployment

While the OpenRAN momentum is continuously growing, most recently bolstered by the MoU among EU operators, traditional vendors have trouble deciding whether OpenRAN is a serious threat or should be part of their R&D investment as they commit to OpenRAN as the future architecture.


At every stage, traditional vendors have raised concerns on aspects such as performance, security, and integration costs, creating fear, uncertainty and doubt...

AWS Marketplace webinar: Gaining observability across your DevSecOps landscape within AWS

You’re invited! Join AWS Marketplace and DevOps Institute to discover how to strengthen your security posture across observability.

WHEN? MARCH 17 / 1100 PT / 1400 ET

As modern development teams take on more of the full lifecycle of microservices, the traditional strategy for observability is being outpaced by the evolving complexity of distributed systems.

Join this webinar to learn how to shift to an integrated approach – combining logs, metrics, and...

Report: Secrets to IoT success from the world’s leading MNOs.

Find out why some IoT projects fail, learn more about the current status of ‘the IoT project’ and which recommendations are key to IoT success. This Forrester report lays it all out and contains valuable advice which organisations can take forward into their IoT projects.

Key findings:

Only a handful of runaway IoT success stories to date: Challenges have included unconvincing use cases, excessive emphasis on technology as a hurdle, objective fragmentation and...

Tech talk: How NSPs extend native and multi-cloud services to customers

In this on-demand webinar, learn the many ways Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric can increase your network agility and customer satisfaction.

Richard Carrara, solutions architect at Equinix, explains how you can find better solutions for:

Cloud access: Solve for CSP connection options to a network service provider (NSP's) customersSoftware-defined network access: Establish a software-defined on-ramp to NSP transport servicesService aggregation: Aggregate multiple subrate...

Equinix Global Interconnection Index (GXI) volume 4: Global macro trends

The Global Interconnection Index (GXI) from Equinix shows how the convergence of key global trends and Covid-19 are creating unforeseen pressures on an organisation's ability to digitally transform.

The collective influence of these trends, along with external forces like Covid-19, are creating significant challenges to efficiency, scalability, and security. These challenges can only be met by creating a digital foundation that is fundamental to transformation - one that leverages...