T-Mobile will no longer sponsor Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show following racist comments

T-Mobile will no longer sponsor Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show following racist comments
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T-Mobile has said it will no longer sponsor a Fox News show presented by Tucker Carlson following his racist comments.

On Monday night, Carlson said: “This may be a lot of things this moment we are living through, but it is definitely not about black lives. Remember that when they come for you, and – at this rate – they will.”

T-Mobile received a lot of angry messages about ever sponsoring Carlson’s show.

Here’s one response Sievert tweeted to an angry customer:

T-Mobile clarified further that it hasn’t sponsored Carlson’s show since May and the operator stands with those fighting racial injustice:

Papa John’s, Disney, Vari, and others have also pulled their ads from Carlson’s show.

Sievert appears to be picking up the infamously brash and outspoken style of his predecessor, John Legere. Legere was replaced by Sievert in April, a month earlier than was originally planned.

T-Mobile’s new CEO is responsible for guiding the company through a turbulent period where nationwide protests over the discrimination of minorities is combining with the need for social distancing and lockdowns due to the coronavirus pandemic.

For both issues, the need for connectivity has never been higher.

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One comment on “T-Mobile will no longer sponsor Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show following racist comments

  1. David on

    I just switched my phone service from T-Mobile to another provider because I am for free speech. I am also against the BLM agenda as stated on their web site: 1. Marxism which has been responsible for the suffering of tens of millions of people worldwide 2. The destruction of the nuclear family that BLM laughably calls a “western” invention.

    I am also against the attacks on police which have resulted in an increase of thousands of victims of crime most of whom are minorities, arson, vandalism, destruction of the livelihoods of innocent people, looting, chaos, and mayhem which are all being permitted by and encouraged by Democrat politicians.


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