Huawei founder says the company is ready to withstand further US actions

Huawei founder says the company is ready to withstand further US actions
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Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei has said the company has invested heavily in ensuring it can withstand further US actions taken against it.

The Chinese giant is the world's most popular telecoms equipment manufacturer and the second-largest smartphone maker. Despite various US actions taken against Huawei, the company is yet to be shaken from its leading positions.

The US has long maintained that Huawei is controlled by Beijing and poses a national security threat. With 5G networks expected to be used for more critical applications than its predecessors, the US has increased pressure on its allies to ban Huawei equipment.

Many of the US' allies have not yet decided to ban Huawei's equipment outright but are still considering their positions. The UK has historically believed it can mitigate the dangers of using Huawei equipment by having it checked at the dedicated Huawei Cybersecurity Evaluation Centre (HCSEC) in Banbury.

Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou was arrested in Canada, at the US' request, in 2018 on fraud charges. US prosecutors claim Wanzhou used a Huawei subsidiary to flout sanctions against Iran.

Wanzhou's trial began in Canada this week. Wanzhou faces extradition to the US but her lawyers claim the American accusations against her would not be considered a crime in Canada and it would, therefore, be contrary to the country's values.

Speaking to the BBC, Huawei chief security officer Andy Purdy said Wanzhou is "irreplaceable" to the company. However, Purdy also said a "succession plan" was in place if needed.

Zhengfei believes the US may take further actions against Huawei.

"We've got the experience now,” Zhengfei said during a session at the World Economic Forum in Davos. “We have poured hundreds of billions of money into our Plan B and that’s why we can withstand the first wave of US attack.” 

Earlier this week, Huawei set out its backup plan for losing access to Google's services for its mobile devices with Huawei Mobile Services 4.0. The company has also begun porting its IoT operating system HarmonyOS to smartphones.

Zhengfei maintains Huawei remains a "pro-US" company and the firm is thankful for America's contributions.

“From starting a business to now employing dozens of American consulting companies to teach Huawei to manage, the US should be proud that the export of American culture has brought development to Huawei,” Zhengfei said.

While the US' pressure on Huawei doesn't look set to decrease anytime soon, it seems the company is confident it has the ability to withstand anything that's chucked at it.

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