Huawei SVP: We’re receiving one million cyberattack attempts per day

Huawei SVP: We’re receiving one million cyberattack attempts per day
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Huawei SVP and global cybersecurity officer John Suffolk claims the company is receiving one million cyberattack attempts every day.

Speaking to Japanese press outlet The Mainichi, Suffolk says the majority of attacks focus on stealing intellectual property. Huawei’s leadership in many areas makes it a clear target for such IP theft attempts.

The attacks may increase given Huawei’s bans in many countries, providing a gap for rivals with similar technology to fill.

Back in September, Huawei even made allegations that US agencies themselves have conducted "cyberattacks to infiltrate Huawei's intranet and internal information systems". Furthermore, Huawei claims its present and former employees have been "threatened, coerced, and enticed" by US law enforcement.

Suffolk doesn’t point the finger at any specific country or threat actor, but the scale of the attacks he claims are being attempted against Huawei will be shocking to many.

Most of the cyberattacks targeting Huawei are successfully blocked, according to Suffolk. Some attacks do get through, primarily those against older systems. The usual attack vector is through cyberattacks which have “included a type of theft of confidential information by sending a computer virus by email.”

While many Western headlines have focused on concerns about whether Huawei poses a security threat itself, few have delved into the scale of attacks targeted at the company.

On the question of whether Huawei poses a security threat and takes orders from Beijing, Suffolk says Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei would “blankly refuse” to do anything to compromise their own equipment. “If he was pressurized to do that, he would close the company down,” says Suffolk.

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