Consumers willing to pay premium for promise of 5G amid 4G frustrations

A recent survey shows that almost everybody is waiting for the arrival of 5G – with the possibility of paying a premium if it as expected allays connectivity concerns.

The study conducted by MATRIXX Software, which surveyed over 4,000 mobile users across the US and the UK, revealed that mobile users consider 5G as a means to solve their existing connectivity issues. Most of them are ready to spend on 5G mobile connection provided that it delivers an enhanced connectivity experience.

Approximately 70% of the respondents across both continents complained about their present 4G services, stating that the connectivity is very slow, not reliable in heavy traffic areas, and unavailable most of the times. On the other hand, half of the respondents are a bit sceptical about 5G despite a hyped promotion of the upcoming technology.

Thirty-three percent of the consumers are confident that 5G is the only solution to their connectivity problems. Moreover, 87% are planning to upgrade their phones to a 5G-enabled device. Seventy-eight percent are willing to pay more for 5G-enabled devices, 88% willing to pay more for 5G network access, and 76% ready to switch carriers to get 5G connectivity.

In the US, AT&T recently unveiled its 5G roadmap for business, involving three pillars that will bring experiences ‘into the future’. These pillars are mobile 5G, fixed wireless, and edge computing. The operator notes how there are 15 million businesses in the US seeking innovations that provide an edge. The latest technology trends like AR/VR and AI have the potential to deliver improved business outcomes with the connectivity to back it.

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