Trump: We’re going to build a great(er) firewall of America

Trump: We’re going to build a great(er) firewall of America
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President Donald Trump has accelerated the tech race against China by announcing plans to build a ‘great(er) firewall of America’.

The so-called ‘Great Firewall of China’ provides internet censorship in the country by preventing access to certain websites and slowing down cross-border traffic.

“Not keeping pace with China’s progressive attitudes to internet censorship was yet another failure of the Obama administration,” says Trump. “We’re going to change that and build a greater firewall of America.”

Trump provided journalists with this hand-drawn sketch of what he envisions will happen if a Mexican citizen attempts to access a US website:


When asked how the firewall will be funded, Trump began making siren noises and declared a state of emergency.

11:59am Update: “Fake news like yours are exactly why a great firewall is needed,” wrote Trump in a statement.

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