Spain raises €437 million after four days of its 5G auction

The Spanish government has raised €437 million ($510 million) after several days of its 5G spectrum auction involving four operators.

Spain was auctioning off spectrum in the 3.6GHz to 3.8GHz range suitable for launching 5G connectivity. A minimum of €100 million was set for the auction so final bids amounted to over quadruple.

Bids were made over a total of thirty-four rounds across four days.

The first four rounds had a minimum activity level of 60 percent. The next nineteen required 80 percent activity, while the remaining eleven at 100 percent.

Here are the full results:


Spain’s four mobile operators – Movistar, Orange, Vodafone, and Masmovil – all took part in the 5G spectrum auction. The maximum limit of frequencies set for any single operator was 120 megahertz.

The highest bid for the 5 megahertz blocks on sale ranged up to €12.01 million.

Overall, the Spanish government’s 5G auction once again shows the appetite for coveted 5G spectrum.

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