Majority of consumers would buy mobile services from Netflix and Amazon given the chance

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A survey conducted by MATRIXX Software in the US and the UK found that mobile users are ready to switch to a new mobile carrier if it offers better experience, with almost three quarters (73%) saying that they want their mobile service provider to operate more like Amazon, PayPal, Netflix and eBay.

Some of the features that customers want included ease of use, clear pricing structure, real-time access to services and customisation.

The survey found that customer experience expectation has a strong role to play as 75% of respondents look for a crystal clear pricing structure, another 63% look for ease of use, 51% want customisation and 49% want to have instant access to services.

Jennifer Kyriakakis, founder and VP of marketing at MATRIXX Software, said: “The survey clearly demonstrates that digital-first brands have set a new baseline of expectation by which every other consumer service is judged. Telcos have an opportunity to attract an entirely new crop of customers, ones who are motivated by intuitive engagement that results in a highly personalized, transparent and real-time mobile experience.”

Yet in another story, Nielsen revealed that viewers spent 80% of their time watching programmes such as series re-runs and movies that are no longer available in theatres. Only 20% of their time spent in watching subscription-video-on-demand (SVOD) services, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu, is dedicated to originals.  Steve Hasker, chief operating officer at Nielsen, said: “What’s driving subscriptions and renewals may be the originals, but our research shows most of the viewing time is spent with catalogue programming.”

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