The first certified Gfast products have been announced

The first six certified Gfast products have been announced by the Broadband Forum and UNH-IOL.

Gfast is exciting due to its use of existing copper wiring and potential to substantially increase speeds for consumers without the high infrastructure costs which generally accompanies major network upgrades. National broadband operator Openreach has now deployed Gfast to over 100,000 UK homes and businesses as part of a large-scale pilot in 20 locations.

“Interoperable standardized Gfast technology is key because it underpins an ability to deliver next generation ultrafast broadband at scale,” says Kevin Foster, BT’s GM for Architecture and Innovation. “Certification to the Broadband Forum’s Gfast requirements provides a known level of confidence and will reduce test time for both network operators and their communication provider customers.”

Each of the initial bits of Gfast networking kit were tested by the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL) to ensure they conformed to the required standards and were cross-device and cross-silicon interoperable before receiving certification by the Broadband Forum.

The current products are manufactured by ARRIS, Calix, Huawei, Metanoia, Nokia and Technicolor, and based on chipsets from Broadcom, Metanoia, and Sckipio. More are expected to follow over the coming months.

“The certification represents an outstanding technical achievement with hundreds of rigorous tests of the stability, functionality, control, and performance of Gfast systems and thousands of hours of close technical collaboration over many months between the lab and all of the companies involved,” explains Lincoln Lavoie, UNH-IOL’s Senior Engineer. “The program’s certification of these products has played a significant role in understanding and improving the implementation of Gfast.”

A full commercial rollout of Gfast by Openreach is expected to begin later this year and reach approximately 10 million premises by 2020. The growing list of certified devices is available on the Forum’s public site Gfast certification page.

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