ZTE partners with Telenet for IoT and 5G synergies

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Telenet, the largest cable broadband service provider in Belgium, has entered into a strategic partnership agreement with Chinese telco ZTE to advance its technology offerings in mobile Internet and telecommunications.

Telenet chief technology officer Micha Berger and ZTE senior vice president Xiao Ming signed the agreement in the presence of Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel and Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, in a ceremony at the Castle Val-Duchesse in Brussels.

Berger noted satisfactory results in the couple of months after collaborating with ZTE and is very hopeful that the partnership will enable the company “to offer a top quality mobile network for existing and future needs all over Belgium.”

Xiao said: “ZTE is excited by our strategic agreement with Telenet. This agreement provides a solid foundation for Telenet and ZTE to expand and strengthen the long-term partnership on the way to a new 5G era.”

Telenet had made use of ZTE’s Uni-RAN technology in August 2016 to upgrade its national mobile network and found remarkable improvements in performance and service quality for its subscribers. It also noticed huge carrier-enhanced capabilities in its operations management. ZTE helped Telenet to advance from 2G and optimise its 3G and 4G coverage as well as setting a record of achieving download speeds of 1.3 Gbps, which is four times faster than existing 4G services. Telenet has also employed ZTE’s LTE Massive MIMO and LTE Broadcast solutions to innovate its IoT services and high capacity solutions. 

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