Nokia boosts operator efficiency with MIKA smart assistant, predictive repairs

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Nokia has announced two new services for operators to boost their efficiency with the use of AI and predictive analytics.

Jumping on the digital assistant trend, MIKA (Multi-purpose Intuitive Knowledge Assistant) is a specialist helper for telecoms operators which provides quick access to detailed information. Based on Nokia’s AVA platform, MIKA will improve the efficiency of engineers by connecting them with best practice solutions to problems.

Nokia claims MIKA is the first assistant ‘trained’ for the telecommunications industry and provides more concise help over the general information provided by other assistants. The automation it provides helps to save time spent looking for solutions on the internet or waiting to speak with someone who has knowledge of how to solve the issue.

Data is applied to Nokia Bell Labs machine learning algorithms to accurately predict failures ahead of time.

Based on an internal analysis within a Network Operations Center, Nokia says that application of MIKA could ‘give back’ more than one hour of productive time every day to engineers. MIKA accesses the AVA knowledge repository of best-practice gathered from the wide range of Nokia projects around the world to provide its advice. The assistant can be accessed via the web so engineers can access its knowledge wherever they are.

“Finding the right information is a daily challenge for telco engineers tasked with boosting network quality,” says Igor Leprince, Head of Global Services at Nokia. “MIKA taps into the power of the Nokia AVA platform to provide quick and accurate answers, avoiding time wasted on fruitless searches. MIKA is customized to support the specific needs of telecoms, and can deliver recommendations based on experience from networks around the world.”

In the attempt to further boost the efficiency of telcos, Nokia is launching ‘Predictive Repair’ to predict faults up to 14 days in advance with up to 95 percent accuracy. This advance warning reduces downtime, unnecessary site visits, and better allocation of resources as part of a shift from ‘break-fix’ approaches to continuous hardware maintenance.

Predictions are made based on information collected from network, repair center, and factory data about Nokia’s products, so it’s only available to operators that use the vendor’s 3G and 4G equipment. This data is applied to Nokia Bell Labs machine learning algorithms to accurately predict failures ahead of time.

MIKA is now available for customer trials and will be demonstrated at the Nokia booth at Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona (Hall 3, Stand 3A10) between February 27 and March 2. Predictive Repair will be available for customer trials in March 2017.

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