South Korea’s first NFV-based routing deployment launches with LG U+ and Juniper


South Korean cellular carrier LG U+ has chosen Juniper Networks to help carry out the country’s first routing deployment based around network functions virtualisation (NFV), according to a release from the network provider.

There were no prior public NFV-based routing references deployments in Korea, and LG U+ wanted someone with a proven track record to provide guidance and support on the 5G project. Juniper worked closely alongside LG U+ from the initial stages of the project to assess potential issues, as well as ensure integration with existing infrastructure and third-party devices.

Juniper’s virtual routing solution offers two key features that addressed major resiliency objectives for LG U+: Auto Recovery and Auto Healing. Auto Recovery is the ability to automatically recognise network errors and then dynamically create a new virtual router immediately in order to ensure seamless service continuity, while Auto Healing is the ability to prevent system overload if operator-defined maximum CPU and memory utilisation values are exceeded.

Moreover, Juniper’s solution also has the openness and flexibility to support third-party hosted operating systems, hypervisors and orchestration tools, which also provide modular customisation. Juniper Networks has also enabled IPv6 routing, anti-hacking and anti-DDoS attack services in LG U+’s NFV infrastructure, with additional features that could be added in the future.

“We are very excited about Korea’s first commercial launch of a carrier-grade NFV-based router,” said Jae-ho Choi, general manager of the transport platform development team at LG U+. “I believe this will enable us to not only drastically improve our routing performance, but provide greater stability and a more diverse range of services for our customers. As a leader of the 5G era, LG U+ plans to expand the adoption of NFV equipment in close, continued cooperation alongside Juniper Networks.”

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