Telstra acquires app development firm Readify – a sign of things to come?

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Australian telco Telstra has announced the acquisition of enterprise application development platform provider Readify in order to “drive digital transformation for enterprise customers in domestic and global markets,” according to a press release.

Readify, which employs approximately 200 staff across Australia, offers a wide variety of services across the enterprise and mobile stacks. The company has a distinctive Microsoft beat, with support not only for Azure cloud, where the firm is a recognised expert support partner, but for SharePoint and Office 365. Readify also offers a platform to deliver B2E and B2C apps across Android and iOS.

“As we know, apps and software in general are playing an increasingly important role in businesses,” said Michelle Bendschneider, Telstra executive director global enterprises and services. “Readify will provide application development and data analytics services, nicely complementing [cloud provider which Telstra acquired earlier this year] Kloud’s existing services.

“It will enable Telstra to add incremental value to customers in enterprise cloud applications, API-based customisation and extensions as well as business technology advisory services,” Bendschneider added. “We’re excited by the opportunity for Readify to grow as part of Telstra,” said Graeme Strange, Readify managing director. “Readify has a proven record of creating innovative solutions with our customers and, with Telstra’s scale, the opportunities are tremendously exciting.”

The move is an interesting one as it plays onto a theme recently examined by sister publication Enterprise AppsTech; that of the position mobile operators can play in the enterprise and mobile sectors. A report authored by analyst house CCS Insight and sponsored by Red Hat last month argued that, with the right partnerships in place, telcos could claim a stake in enterprise mobility as opposed to other areas – telco cloud, anyone? – where their cumbersome nature held them back.

Red Hat, naturally, offers an example of this; their collaboration with Three Ireland provides app development services as part of a managed mobility play. Cathal McGloin, VP mobile platforms at Red Hat, explained: “I think the telcos are good at mass producing stuff – they’re not good at innovating, but they’re good at scale. It has to be partnering with innovative companies, and then they bring the scale, and the customer connections, and the billing, and all of the other stuff they do very well.”

Financial terms of the Telstra-Readify acquisition were not disclosed.

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