Swisscom brings fixed-line and mobile closer together

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As part of a significant investment to expand its advanced broadband network, Swisscom has announced it will bring fixed line and mobile networks closer together using DSL + LTE bonding technology. 

The initial trial, scheduled to begin this month, will target a small number of residential customers and deliver bandwidth of up to 20Mbps during the first phase. Higher broadband speeds are planned for testing in later phases. 

Swisscom’s tests are in preparation to cope with the increasing levels of traffic being placed on fixed-line networks; which is currently doubling every 16 months. Combining the bandwidth of mobile with fixed-line – using DSL + LTE bonding technology – will allow for more data to pass through a network without having an impact on customers’ experience. 

A new LTE receiver has also been developed by Swisscom which picks-up the mobile data stream and passes it on via WLAN to the DSL router. The router is equipped with intelligent software that combines the mobile and fixed-line data streams. 

In a press release, Swisscom wrote: “The availability of DSL+LTE bonding and the actual bandwidth are determined by the length of the copper fixed line and the 3G or 4G mobile coverage at the customer’s home. Swisscom aims to use the pilot test to determine whether a market launch is feasible.” 

Swisscom is aiming to provide ultra-fast broadband to 85% of all homes and businesses in Switzerland by the end of 2020. In 2015 alone, the service provider invested over CHF 1.75 billion in expanding its IT and network infrastructure. With the introduction of the new transmission standard, Swisscom believes it can deliver speeds of up to 500Mbps from the end of this year. 

According to Akamai, Switzerland is ranked first in Europe and third globally for high bandwidth coverage (>10 Mbps) 

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