Broadband Forum Chairman highlights slow deployment consequences

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CES is among the most important events of the year for technology companies, as it offers a platform to showcase all the upcoming innovations which consumers will have access to in the not-so-distant future. At least, if operators have the infrastructure to prepare for the demand which these new technologies will place on the network. 

The chairman of the Broadband Forum, Kevin Forster, has warned that all the incredible things being shown at CES will only be enabled if operators begin to make notable movements in deploying technology. Forster is also the head of innovation at BT, so it’s worth listening to his thoughts when it comes to preparing for what’s next. 

“It’s all about delivering tomorrow’s consumer trends, like 4K video, location-based services, security, home automation, video sharing, gaming and home office collaboration, today,” said Foster. “One of the issues is that you need more bandwidth and there’s only a few ways we can deliver 4K effectively with the bandwidth needed., therefore, is a viable way of getting technologies out there quickly and effectively.” 

We’ve discussed technology and its benefits on several occasions here on TelecomsTech, including a pioneering field trial from BT launched in August last year. The ITU-T’s G.9701 ( specification was approved in December 2014, and is designed to provide gigabit broadband connection speeds (up to 1Gbps) over a single twisted pair cable in an existing copper infrastructure. 

According to Foster, the opportunity provides should be particularly attractive as it can be provided within the existing network infrastructure. “It also means that fiber to the cabinet is more viable because of what can achieve over the final copper-based yardage,” said Foster. “We can deliver tomorrow’s applications and the extra bandwidth they require competitively.” 

Forster’s comments arrive not long after the Broadband Forum’s new ‘Broadband 20/20 vision’ was launched; which focuses on unlocking the potential for new markets. The forum aims to achieve this goal through leveraging new technologies in the home, small business, and multi-user infrastructure of the broadband network – such as NFV, SDN, Ultra-Fast access, IoT, and eventually 5G. 

Do you think operators need to deploy to cope with upcoming demand? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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