Altair to collaborate with Verizon on LTE-based IoT products

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LTE chipset provider Altair Semiconductor is collaborating with Verizon Wireless on the commercialisation of LTE-based Internet of Things (IoT) products, with Altair preparing to roll out Cat-1/0 commercial products soon.

Smart meters, car telematics, security systems and smart home devices among other gadgets can make use of the Altair FourGee-1160 Cat-1 chipset.

Altair will showcase the provision of an LTE connection with a battery life that lasts for a decade by putting on display LTE’s Release 12 PSM functionality at the CTIA conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, US. The potential of Altair’s PSM-capable chipsets will be demonstrated at Ericsson’s Super Mobility Week Booth #4322 at the conference.

As defined by 3GPP Release 12, PSM allows terminals to hibernate for extended periods of time after informing the base station. As a result, devices benefit from lower power consumption. PSM is extremely useful where the relay of small messages to the network by devices is intermittent.

Altair co-founder and VP marketing and business development Eran Eshed, said, “Our collaboration with Verizon Wireless demonstrates to us that North America’s largest communication service provider sees the value of our LTE Cat-1/0 chipsets for IoT applications.” Verizon Wireless vice president Ro McNally said, “Altair’s low-cost, long battery life LTE Cat-1 solution, being demonstrated at the Ericsson booth, is a great example of the innovation happening in this space.”

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