MWC15: Panasonic becomes a MVNO

“When most people think of Panasonic, they think of televisions” is the honest claim made on-stage by an exec from the Japanese firm at Mobile World Congress. It’s a humble start, just before the company paves the way forward for the IoT with the launch of their own MVNO service.

Partnering with Vodafone, Panasonic says it will offer connectivity to their customers in over 40 countries for one flat tariff. This will ensure all their devices which would benefit from being connected to the web, are doing so.

Yoshiyuki Miyabe, President of Panasonic AVC Networks, says:  “I commit to you we will start to implement connectivity across all our suitable product ranges. So we serve our customers wherever they are, whatever they’re doing.”

Panasonic will leverage the M2M data from devices connected to their MVNO service as part of their “Smart Cloud” which can drive efficient usage. The first device which will utilize the M2M networks is the just-announced Panasonic Nubo, an industry-first 4G monitoring camera.

Tojmen Vos, COO at Panasonic Cloud Management, told an emotional story of his child being hospitalized due to an illness and wanting to be there at all times. The Nubo can be taken anywhere, and in this situation would have offered Vos the ability to keep an eye on his kid remotely for peace-of-mind.

Nubo is able to hook-into the wider Internet of Things so that your smart lock can unlock automatically open your door when you get home, your thermostat can control your heating, or be used in conjunction with another of the increasing amount of smart ‘things’ connected to the internet.

All of the data from Panasonic’s M2M devices, such as their heating and cooling solutions, are being analysed in the cloud and used for machine predictions to prevent faults and/or ensure relevant preparations are made so “the show goes on” when it occurs. This increases uptime, and reduces frustration caused by time-consuming (and potentially costly) work.

Laurent Abadie, CEO of Panasonic Europe, commented: “The establishment of Panasonic Business Software Solutions Europe is an important step towards our strategy of offering business customers a one-stop-shop for the design, roll out and operation of their business solutions.”

He continues, “Our connected products, virtual mobile network, software and services provide the building blocks for advanced M2M solutions. When combined with our direct account approach and project management capabilities, our enterprise customers can roll out their solutions faster and with less risk. We think this is unique in the industry.”

Do you think Panasonic is leading the way with the launch of an MVNO service? Let us know in the comments.

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