Nokia’s negative, Lumia’s lifting

Nokia [NYSE: NOK] has unleashed their end of year financial results for 2013; an occasion industry observers have been waiting for to see how the company is now faring since the $7bn Microsoft acquisition last September.

Overall, Nokia hasn’t had the best 2013 with sales in ‘Operations’ down 21%, ‘NSN’ down 22%, ‘HERE’ down 9%, and ‘Advanced Technologies’ also down 20%… but is the outlook as bleak as many of the press are making it? Not necessarily.

The company’s Lumia-line has been steadily growing throughout 2013 in popularity with a slight dip in the final quarter; which many are quick to judge as being the start of a downfall – especially over the ever-important Christmas period.

Two handsets were released in said quarter; the company’s flagship Lumia 1520, and the Lumia 1320. Both are considered ‘phablet’ devices with their 6” displays.

At MWC this year in February, Nokia is widely-expected to launch the Lumia 1820 – their next flagship with a more conventional screen size of 5.2” – alongside a new flagship phablet in the Lumia 1525. Both are expected with industry-first 2K displays and Snapdragon 805 processors.

Overall, the company has (rather impressively) doubled Lumia sales in 2013 over the previous year. This growth has been evidenced by this graph created by The Verge…

Also, incredibly, it looks like we’ll also finally see the long-rumoured Nokia Android phone codenamed ‘Normandy’ – which is currently subject to more than a few leaks.

As an entry-level to mid-level handset; this could be Nokia’s answer in emerging markets after the downfall of Symbian – a previous bestseller in said markets. Android has no licensing fees, and it appears Normandy will be heavily-skinned to appear like Windows Phone as evidenced below…

Placing the widely-praised Windows Phone UI, and its flat-design which appears to have even influenced elements in Apple’s latest mobile OS’, in front of more users — could tempt these individuals into buying a WP8 handset on their next purchase.

So the results of these financials look decidedly mixed. On one hand, Nokia’s handsets appear to be back on the rise. On the other, the myriad of products and services offered by the Finnish-firm such as Nokia Network Solutions (NSN) are taking a pretty major dip…

… At least on the handset-front Microsoft will be pleased with their $7.2 billion acquisition.

What do you think about Nokia’s financial results for 2013?

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