T-Mobile’s third “Uncarrier” attack pushes to end overage fees

John Legere, T-Mobile’s CEO, has been pushing the company as the disruptive “Uncarrier” with a myriad of industry-changing moves.

Now the vocal Legere is hoping to end the carrier phenomenon known as overage fees.

Overage fees are charges when you go outside of your plan. So if you have 500 mins in your call package, and you’ve racked up 501 mins this month, that extra one minute will not only be added to your monthly fee – but at a mark-up more than pay-as-you-go charges in most cases.

This doesn’t just relate to calls; texts and data are as susceptible to the same unjust costs. T-Mobile, for the most part, eliminated overage fees as part of their ‘Simple Choice’ plans which offer unlimited voice and text messages alongside throttled data.

Simple Choice plans start at $40 which is a budget offering for people with basic phones or who use limited data (capped at 500MB.) A free 1GB is available each month to tablet customers for one year. After this period those who are also on a voice plan pay $10 a month after 12 months, while customers who aren’t pay $20.

But Legere said he is committed to ending overage fees to all of its customers on consumer plans:

“The Un-carrier is eliminating one of the most widely despised wireless industry practices for all of our T-Mobile customers on consumer plans,” he said. “And I’m also laying down a challenge to my counterparts at AT&T, Verizon and Sprint, to do the same.”

A petition is available for signing by those who back Legere’s campaign at Change.org

Whether the other three carriers make moves to end their own fees is yet to be seen. Spokespeople for each are yet to comment. If they fail to; T-Mobile, as the fourth largest wireless operator, may look even more tempting to potential customers on top of the initiatives announced thus far.

Ever to the point, Legere said to CNET in an interview: “It’s a strong statement not to f@#& around with our market.”

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