Empirix talks about the importance of Big Data analysis

Empirix, a recognized leader in end-to-end network performance, has today launched a new analytics platform by the name of ‘IntelliSight’.

We took the opportunity to speak to Tim Moynihan, vice president of marketing, about the release and the importance of effective Big Data analytics.

He offered some interesting industry insight.

Tim first explains how the IntelliSight platform works: “We gather information and have the ability to manipulate and mediate the data so that it’s presented in a way [specifically] for Marketing people, Operations people, Finance people [.etc] – so they can get to the information and use it quickly.”

 “It’s about speed, it’s about credibility of the information, and the ability to take action.”

Due to being a new release; the product has only seen beta testing thus far. I asked Tim if he could run me through some of the implementations they’ve trialled for some mock case studies.

Tim responds: “We’ve used it for a number of ways; for things such as OTT (Over-the-Top) analysis; which is becoming very big for the CSPs (Communication Service Providers) to understand what’s going on with their applications which are being run.”

He continues: “Similarly, with things like roaming is another good example. The ability to understand some of the challenges which are going on and make sure that you can actually build properly for the roaming environment. In Europe especially – a lot of change has been going on.”

Big Data is a huge term which is thrown around a lot in the industry recently, and for very good reason, as long as it’s properly managed and interpreted. I wanted to know what the rate of contribution is from communication networks.

Tim gives his thoughts: “I think there are a lot of organisations which are still struggling with it, how to make it meaningful, and how to really impact the business. From our point of view – particularly with the mobile operators – a lot of the monetisation which is available comes through applications; through handsets, through the network… the ability to collate, the ability to differentiate… allows to provide a great customer experience whilst still meeting those business goals.”

“To answer your question directly, it’s happening quickly, and people are looking for ways to turn this information into action – this platform is one way to help that.”

In the answer; it was made clear the benefits of efficiently making use of Big Data to positively impact your business. Which got me thinking – with so many organisations looking into utilising Big Data; would others be left ‘behind the game’ if they didn’t harness it?

Tim answers poignantly: “The quicker they have the experience, the quicker they develop.”

Just today I was pointed towards an interesting blog piece by Jon Neiditz, who wrote about the potential legality issues around collecting Big Data – especially with so many people on edge around privacy issues since the NSA revelations.

It was a big question; which Tim answered gracefully: “I think privacy is of utmost concern from my experience; companies want to do the right thing, and it’s really been about solving business problems rather than invading anyone’s privacy.”

He continues: “I think companies will protect people’s privacy because – I hate to say this – at some point it will be a differentiator. You’ll have more confidence in companies if they protect your privacy.”

“To really answer your question; I think companies are concerned about it, they try to do the right thing – but if they misuse that good will, I think they will be penalised in the marketplace.”

For more information on Empirix’s IntelliSight platform, head here.

What do you think about the future of Big Data and the importance of effective analytics?

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