Trouble may be brewing at HTC, or are we overhyping?

There could be trouble at Taiwanese manufacturer HTC, according to The Verge.

Amongst staff departures, production failures, and the recent disastrous launch of the “First” Facebook phone…is there actually trouble, or are we putting the nail in the coffin too early?


HTC had a rollercoaster of a first quarter, with a highlight being the release of arguably the best Android phone to date; otherwise known as the “One”, which has certainly had a positive impact on the company’s bottom-line.

Compared to April 2012, HTC’s overall sales are down 37%, but March to April sales of this year has bumped up 26%. We’re yet to see the results for May, but long as this is sustained, alongside some new model releases, HTC can pull out of this slump.

That’s as long as HTC can get devices into the hands of consumers. Many problems faced One’s production; from the primary camera supplier not considering the company “tier one”, to Nokia having exclusive rights to the HDR mics (causing them to be pulled from the specs list.)

So what new model releases could add to this recovery? Take an example of what won’t work with the “HTC First”; the only phone to be released with Facebook’s ailing new “Home” software.

Facebook Home doesn’t appear to be doing well amongst consumers; although downloaded over 1 million times, it currently has a large majority of one-star reviews. This could be part of the reason it’s rumoured AT&T is discontinuing support of the HTC First.

It looks like HTC sold less than 15,000 units nationwide on AT&T; we’ve no idea how many handsets are out there, but with a price cut to $0.99, looks like they’re at least trying to shift them for something before pulling out.

Some of you find it in your hearts to spare a dollar for HTC please.

The Verge’s article talks primarily about many top company executives leaving unceremoniously. Ex-employee Eric Lin tweeted: “To all my friends still at HTC – just quit. Leave now. It’s tough to do, but you’ll be so much happier, I swear.”

Although this could look terrible from the outside, it could all be part of an internal team “reshuffling” by CEO Peter Chou, and part of a much grander plan to move forward.

Do you think HTC is in as much trouble as people would like you to believe? Or is the media blowing matters out of proportion?

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