Telecoms provider T-Mobile teases “Our boldest moves yet.”

Mobile network provider T-Mobile has teased an event being held on July 10th in New York City simply entitled, “Our boldest moves yet.”

Apart from pondering over this intriguing tagline; little can be gained from the invitation. The image is entitled “moonshot” to which we can only speculate its meaning.

It could simply be a reference to taking a wild shot, or a “bold move”, although a quick Google search shows up Janet-led initiative “Project Moonshot.”

Taken from the project’s website: “The goal of the technology is to enable the management of access to a broad range of services and applications; using a single technology and infrastructure.”

It continues: “This is expected to significantly improve the delivery of these services by providing users with a common single sign-on, for both internal and external services.”

Implementing this kind of technology, using a single sign-on for a package of new services by the provider itself; could be a way of differentiating from the competition. Whilst this may be far-fetched, the plural “moves” sounds like the release of multiple services.

In the UK at least, T-Mobile has had a less than stellar time recently. Yesterday we reported on telecoms regulator Ofcom’s release of its quarterly complaints report; to which the company topped the chart with 0.19 complaints per 1000 customers.

This is nearly 4x the amount of rival network O2 with a complaint rate of 0.05 per 1000.

Of course we are only speculating on everything in this article; it could be bigger news, smaller news… but with the tagline “Our boldest moves yet”, they’ve certainly set high-expectations.

What do you think T-Mobile could be unveiling at their July 10th event?

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