Deutsche Telekom launches M2M Developer Kits

In order to help promote M2M (Machine-to-Machine) development based in the cloud, vendor Deutsche Telekom is providing developer kits to get started.

TelecomsTech spoke to DT’s Ruslan Ismailov at Mobile World Congress back in February to discuss the telco’s M2M strategy going forward – and now we’re beginning to see some progress.

Consisting of an Arduino or a Cinterion board with a GSM chip, and of course a SIM card for access to the network; the kit will also contain access to the company’s M2M developer platform which is built in co-operation with cloud specialist Cumulocity.

For those who already have capable hardware, a “DevFlex Kit” which includes a SIM card complete with a six-month M2M data tariff and contains private access to the cloud-based M2M Developer Platform is available.

As the “Internet of Things” becomes closer and closer to gaining global traction; the company is looking to help promote this growing sector, becoming part of the forerunners hoping to actively engage the development of applications.

In order to promote the movement, Deutsche Telekom will be re-launching their M2M Developer Community alongside the kit’s release.

Jürgen Hase, Head of Deutsche Telekom’s M2M Competence Center, says: “For Deutsche Telekom the creativity emerging from a rapidly growing M2M developer community is an important building block in the development of the Internet of Things.”

He continues: “The sheer diversity of uses for M2M creates challenges, from technical concept to business model; entirely different requirements apply to a smart home solution than to a smart factory M2M solution.”

It’s a very exciting time for the industry; the next “big thing” is in making sure everything around us is connected and automated for efficiency. Whether in business or personal use, any businesses which wish to stay modern should be taking a look at potential usage-scenarios for M2M.

Will you be looking into Deutsche Telekom – or any other – platform for M2M development?

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