“LTE-Advanced” Galaxy S4 on the way, users ready for 4G switch

The latest research shows many customers can’t wait to switch to LTE and have capable devices in preparation; however Samsung, looking to get ahead of the pack, is introducing a refreshed Galaxy S4 in South Korea supporting LTE-Advanced.

Users outside of the country aren’t likely to utilise the “advanced” iteration for some time, so we’ll dream of its theoretical capabilities for now.

The standard by 3GPP should offer a download speed up to 3Gbps and upload speeds of 1.5Gbps.

Yes, Gigabits per second. Not Megabits per second. Gig-a-bits.

Whilst 4G’s underlying technology is finalised – despite various frequencies – LTE, or Long Term Evolution, as its name suggests is an evolving standard. As we reported last month, Samsung is already prepping 5G; likely just in time for Korea to start testing LTE-SuperFantastic (fictitious).

This latest version of the S4 should be unleashed next month, and is reportedly in talks with overseas carriers for release.

The research mentioned earlier arrives thanks to mobile network analytics platform Actix, which reveals the current top ten handsets on European networks are LTE-ready. These include; Apple’s iPhone 5, Samsung’s Galaxy SII, Samsung’s Galaxy SIII and Apple’s iPad 3.

Combined, these already account for 35% of all network traffic, with a third of existing 3G customers ready to switch to 4G. Actix recommends their ‘ActixOne’ optimisation platform to check RAN (Radio Access Network) data for a successful LTE rollout.

After all, if customers have a bad first experience, what reason would they have to remain a 4G subscriber? Or simply switch to another competitor?

Are you looking forward to LTE-Advanced? What do you think of Actix’s research?

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