Apple is bidding for the Kinect motion peripheral

Ok, so that may have been a slightly misleading headline; Apple is bidding for the company which designed and created the original Kinect device used first in Microsoft’s Xbox console – PrimeSense.

The Israeli-based firm will also be providing chips and designs for the upcoming Xbox One, and has gained $85 million in venture capital funding.

Apple, however, is expected to bid between the region of $280 and $300 million to acquire the company and its technology.

This would put the company at an advantage over Microsoft going forward; but it’s likely the company’s current best advancements is being placed into Microsoft’s new Kinect sensor which has some incredible new innovations – including seeing in the dark, and detecting a user’s heartbeat.

But why would Apple want motion-detection technology? Again, it could be Microsoft.

Apple is expected to launch an “iTV” in the next few years.

Microsoft wants to dominate the living room and already accepts input from set-top boxes; whilst adding its own Kinect technology for motion detection and voice recognition in a quite-frankly awesome way.

Whilst Apple could implement a powerful voice solution using assistant Siri, this acquisition would help the company add a new level of interactivity to their set.

The company is apparently also in talks to offer an advertisement-skipping feature; which if the customer wants to skip frustrating ads, they can pay a small fee to the network. Although with the amount of people who record programmes on their DVR’s these days, will this model be viable?

What do you think about Apple’s interest in PrimeSense?

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