EE doubles 4G speeds, offers shared plans, and fights rivals over advertising techniques

It’s all happening for UK mobile network EE, the collaboration between Orange and T-Mobile.

The operator is – yet again – set to double their 4G speeds. Alongside this increased speed; the company is beginning “shared plans”, but taking the fight to rivals over their (premature?) advertising.

Beginning with the company’s own services – Olaf Swantee, EE CEO, has announced the new faster 4G offering will include Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Derby, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Nottingham and Sheffield.

He even makes the claim that EE’s services would be: “in line with the fastest networks in Korea.”

Considering Korea is rolling out LTE-Advanced – to which TelecomsTech reported only a specially adapted Samsung Galaxy S4 currently supports in the region; that sounds quite a feat, one which may be slightly enthusiastic at a download speed up to 3Gbps and upload speeds of 1.5Gbps.

Whilst we wouldn’t be expectant of these speeds; customers may rejoice in new “shared plans” – if you have £112/month to spare for 20GB of data usage, unlimited calling minutes and unlimited texts between up to four people (or unique devices.)

If we split directly between a family of four; this works out £28/month each for 5GB data, saving £10 on EE’s standard price of £38/month.

Currently EE has no competition in the UK. Three have announced their “One Plan” will access 4G at no extra cost when it launches later this year, at £18/month for unlimited data.

It won’t be long before other networks catch-up and are allowed to launch own services, yet EE has already started criticising one of them for their advertising techniques.

Vodafone cleverly chose to use the Formula 1 to slap “ultrafast 4G” on the side of a McLaren which travels at over 200Mph, well it got my attention.

What do you think about EE’s current dominance of UK 4G? Should they be worried of competition?

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