Spotify, Guardian and Indy partner with Facebook to offer new social apps

Consumers will soon be able to access music, movies and news on their mobiles via Facebook after Spotify, The Guardian, The Independent and Vevo joined up to be part of a new range of social apps.

These companies, along with Cinemur, Myvideo, Deezer and Dailymotion are among the 33 European launch partners joining up to roll out a new range of social apps which is helping the social media site cement its position as a multi-entertainment platform.

Founder and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg announced the company’s latest move at the fourth annual f8 conference held in San Fransisco last week and kicked-off proceedings by introducing the new timeline feature which allow users to catalogue almost every aspect of their lives via Facebook.

The new system will enable users to give a “more complete story” of who they are and what they care about and coupled with the new apps, will soon be able to listen to music, view movies and read articles on their mobiles, smart TVs and PCs. For example, users of Spotify’s app can listen to music with their friends and share what they have been listening to on their profile while Guardian app users can broadcast articles they’ve read to their Timeline but if they don’t want to share an article, they can “X” it out from The Guardian app, or remove it from their Timeline through the Activity Log.

Developers will be able to create their own action as part of their app based on the ‘Like” social pluggin and will be able to customise ways of sharing their content such as “watch” or “read” and which will be posted in users’ timelines.

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