2014: Year of the contextual AI

When we first seen Siri hit mobile devices, before developer ‘SRI International’ was even acquired by Apple, it was an impressive technology which gave a glimpse into what we can expect from the future of Artificial Intelligence.

Whilst improvements have been made, and the selection of similar competitors are in abundance from the likes of; Evi, Robin, Vlingo, Dragon, and Maluuba - for most of us, they’re redundant and more frustration than satisfaction.


How network solutions provider IMSWorkX is a “startup with a head start”

For the vast majority of startups trying to get off the ground, it’s always a dogfight to balance the books, to get a solid number of customers, as well as reassure the industry that their solution is important, adds value, and is going to stick around.

IMSWorkX, a telecoms network solutions provider based in Rochester, New York, managed to adroitly sidestep these problems.

Branching off the more established networking firm Performance Technologies (PT), the company has...

Warwick Warp’s CEO on biometric ID for personalised experiences #TTW

TelecomsTech (TT) spoke to Stewart Hefferman (SH) at Telecoms Tech World in London this week about the company for which he is the CEO, Warwick Warp, about the increasing capabilities of biometric identity personalisation.

Stewart was previously CEO of OmniPerception; a facial recognition and matching system under the Digital Barriers brand. Here he was also involved in biometrics, and certainly has the experience to answer anything we could chuck at him credibly!

TT: What...

Voice startup ‘hello’ wants you to say goodbye to Skype

A new Indiegogo campaign by the name of ‘hello’ launches today, with its founder claiming he wants to create “the Mozilla of telephony”.

Paul Grimshaw, the company’s founder, claims that the peer-to-peer voice startup is unique in that it offers complete customisation and branding, with users being able to connect between different providers and move freely between them.

For instance, Canonical could set up an Ubuntu-branded service, or Samsung...