Sports fans rejoice! SK Telecom and Samsung develop ‘True Real Time Mobile Streaming Technology’

(Image Credit: Jim Culp)

If you follow any form of professional sports, and have ever tried to catch the game on-the-move, then you’ve probably been frustrated at being around 15 seconds behind TV viewers. For this reason, despite more widespread and faster mobile data than ever, a lot of sports fans will stick to live radio for their fix of updates.

The two companies will promote research and further development to increase performance and stability even more than...

CIOs are now outsourcing managers – and stronger as a result

Established less than 20 years ago, the role of CIO was created to ensure a CEO’s technology vision would be optimised and delivered. But in the last few years, these best intentions have produced the opposite effect.

Despite envious investment profiles compared to other departments, IT has not delivered the efficiencies or business transformation promised.

In fact, about 70 per cent of all IT related projects fail to deliver the desired benefits they had set out...

Survey reveals CIOs lack of confidence in the Cloud

A new report has revealed that confidence in the security of cloud computing is at an all time low.

The study by SunGard Research, published last week, surveyed 250 UK chief information officers (CIOs) and found that a paltry 10 percent were “completely confident” when it came to security and resilience of third party cloud offerings.In addition, a further lack of trust was cited by two-thirds of those polled who had already experienced downtime for cloud applications....