China will dominate the US in gigabit broadband race

New research has found the US will be dominated by China in the gigabit broadband race, even falling slightly behind Europe.

A report from Rethink Technology predicts 57 percent of gigabit connections by 2023 will be in China, or 68 percent when accounting for Asia as a whole.

Europe will take second place with 18 percent. North America will take an 11 percent share, while Latin America will fall behind with just three percent.

Over 42% of Chinese homes will have access...

AT&T deploys connectivity solution across 22 American markets

AT&T is providing connectivity to properties without access to fibre. The American telecom giant has deployed its services in eight metro areas, along with 14 additional cities selling the service to MDUs. provides internet access to apartment and condo units over existing coaxial cables, delivering speed up to 500 Mbps. Moreover, it minimises disruption for current residents as there is no need to place new wiring in every home.

The eight areas are:...

The first certified Gfast products have been announced

The first six certified Gfast products have been announced by the Broadband Forum and UNH-IOL.

Gfast is exciting due to its use of existing copper wiring and potential to substantially increase speeds for consumers without the high infrastructure costs which generally accompanies major network upgrades. National broadband operator Openreach has now deployed Gfast to over 100,000 UK homes and businesses as part of a large-scale pilot in 20 locations.

BT reveals initial wholesale pricing for broadband rollout

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BT has announced wholesale pricing for Openreach's initial broadband rollout which features 'up to' 330Mbps download speeds for homes and businesses. technology is expected to reach approximately 29 million premises by 2029, and BT has been at... predicted to reach 29m premises by 2021

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Approximately 29 million premises are expected to be connected to a fixed-line broadband connection enabled by technology by 2021, according to a report from Ovum. uses copper lines along with fibre to deliver speeds of up to 500Mbps with little extra deployment cost which is proving to be appealing...

Report predicts 100 million gigabit broadband subscribers by 2020 – fuelled by technology

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A report published by leading broadband analyst firm Point Topic suggests the number of gigabit subscribers could reach 100 million by 2020, with most of the growth coming from the APAC region. technology is expected to drive this rapid growth – which although can only currently deliver gigabit speeds over a short distance – it can already secure speeds to meet the vast majority of operator demand and the...

Swisscom brings fixed-line and mobile closer together

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As part of a significant investment to expand its advanced broadband network, Swisscom has announced it will bring fixed line and mobile networks closer together using DSL + LTE bonding technology. 

The initial trial, scheduled to begin this month, will target a small number of residential customers and deliver bandwidth of up to 20Mbps during the first phase. Higher broadband speeds are planned for testing in later...

Broadband Forum Chairman highlights slow deployment consequences

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CES is among the most important events of the year for technology companies, as it offers a platform to showcase all the upcoming innovations which consumers will have access to in the not-so-distant future. At least, if operators have the infrastructure to prepare for the demand which these new technologies will place on the network. 

The chairman of the Broadband Forum, Kevin Forster, has warned that all the incredible things...

Alcatel-Lucent debuts new “ultra broadband” technologies

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Alcatel-Lucent appears set to be acquired by Nokia after getting over the final hurdle it needed of winning the approval of China's Ministry of Commerce. It's not hard to see why Nokia is so bullish about gaining the company's talent and technology, with the amount of innovations being pumped-out of Alcatel's labs...

Today, Alcatel-Lucent has debuted new industry-leading innovations in fiber and copper technologies that will enable operators to meet...

Alcatel-Lucent and Chunghwa Telecom begin world’s first commercial deployment

(Image Credit: iStockPhoto/Crdjan) is hailed as being the next step for broadband technology; despite making use of existing copper infrastructure. The innovation, created by Alcatel-Lucent's renowned Bell Labs research arm, has seen trials with operators around the world – but Chunghwa Telecom has become the first to a commercial deployment. 

Mu-Piao Shih, President of Chunghwa Telecom said: “We have made great strides in proactively improving...