“Its a tough time to be an operator”, Googles Schmidt

It's hard to be a Mobile wireless operator today, according to Eric Schmidt, Google chairman; with regulation and the cost of 4G network upgrades threatening to cause serious problems for telcos the world over.

"It is very difficult to be a telecom operator right now," said Schmidt in his keynote to a packed Mobile World Congress crowd last night. "You've got the reality that you have to upgrade your equipment to 4G and you have customers who are busy using enormous amounts of the...

Google Chrome vs Firefox – who will be the top web browser?

Mozilla Firefox has some work to do to reclaim its place as the second most popular web browser in the world, as Google Chrome has overtaken the browser.

Google's browser has seen a 5% during the last 2 years, now holding 25.69% of the market, whilst Firefox has 25.23%. Both browsers are trailing behind Internet Explorer, which still has over 40% of the market.

The research, conducted by website analytics company StatCounter, looked at browser usage rather than...

eBay calls for Government support in m-commerce

eBay.co.uk has submitted a ‘Mobile Manifesto’ to UK Government, in order to help support and improve the mobile economy, after research found that some consumers are frustrated over mobile internet speeds.

The online sales giant held discussions with retailers, network operators, industry bodies and consumer groups to address the future of mobile and the strategy needed to ensure growth for m-commerce.

The manifesto follows new research conducted by eBay and...