Tesco Mobile and debt charity Money Advice Plus call for price hike reversal

Tesco Mobile and debt charity Money Advice Plus are calling for plans to hike telecoms prices to be reversed following concerning new research.

In the next few weeks, many British mobile and broadband operators are set to introduce some of their highest price increases on record.

Karen Perrier, CEO of Money Advice Plus, says:

“Household debt is increasing daily – calls into our national services have increased by 20 percent over the past few months, with an...

Identifying pockets of profitability for telcos – with a value-based approach to customers

It’s a tough world for telecoms operators. Competition from new market entrants – many of whom are focused on growth and new customer acquisition, as opposed to profitability – is forcing mobile and fixed line operators to drop prices and offer cash incentives to tempt new customers. This is reducing margins, which are being further eroded by the rising cost of acquisition. Whether it’s a broadband provider offering free installation and additional home routers, or a...

How to retain customer loyalty in the telecoms sector: Personalisation and presence

Gone will be the days of your contract rolling over without your provider letting you know. Our networks will have to notify us within 40 days of the date that our current contract ends; giving power back to the consumer to seek a better deal. No more roll-over surprises!

Comparison platforms will likely see a surge in search volume as consumers try to establish which provider is actually offering the...

Why operators need to forge a greater link between digital transformation and customer care

Operators are stuck between a rock and a hard place today. They need to be seen to move towards a process of digital transformation – whatever that term means – while trying to constantly improve the customer experience.

The latter is an area where the telcos have traditionally struggled – and according to a new report published by BriteBill and Omnisperience gauging the views of 40...

How easy-to-understand billing is a big opportunity for telecoms to improve customer experience

As 2018 begins, it’s clear that the customers of telecoms operators want to receive their bills and get information about their usage and other relevant services in more personalised and visually appealing ways.

The next 12 months will see a shift to offer this as operators do more to change and update their billing communications. New technologies, such as chatbots, are also being introduced to enhance the customer experience.

Bill confusion

While this is great news,...

More telco customer service woes abound – but for Gen Z, chatbots could be the answer

It’s the age-old complaint around telecom providers and customer service; more than two thirds of customers surveyed by Brite:Bill admit they find their bills hard to understand, with three quarters saying they were not interested in the information which came with their statements.

The study, which took responses from more than 3,200 consumers in eight countries, found a worrying amount of churn among consumers.

29% of those polled said they have contacted their service...

Why the mobile industry must unite or miss a big opportunity

Mobile operators are the gatekeepers for the UK’s favourite device - yet year on year they report decreasing average customer value. It is time that the mobile industry harnessed the potential of operator driven mobile payments enabling merchants to reach their customer on their preferred device, offering a truly mobile payment service.

The Phone-paid Services Authority’s (PSA) Annual Market Review has revealed that revenue per user for paid phone services grew 37 per cent...

EE receives a £2.7m slap on the wrist by Ofcom for overcharging customers

(Image Credit: iStockPhoto/BraunS)

UK telecoms regulator Ofcom has fined EE after finding the operator conducted "fundamental billing mistakes" which overcharged almost 40,000 customers. 

On two occasions the operator was found to break its billing rules. The first mistake was charging users roaming in Europe the same rate they would...

Billing models in a digital age: How operators can adapt to keep pace with demand


Digitalisation has had a huge impact on how we use our phones, with consumers now expecting to access data-rich services such as social platforms, videos and emails, on the go via their smartphone or tablet. This in turn has impacted billing and charging models, resulting in customers buying an increasing number of flat rate and all-you-can eat packages, made up of app-specific service bundles.

On the surface, this should make things simpler for...

By subscription only? Redefining consumer business models for CSPs


In October I looked at subscription business models from an IoT angle. This time around, let’s discuss subscriptions from a slightly different standpoint. With the recent European Commission decision to effectively outlaw the current roaming charge model and the impending mainstream availability of standards-based remotely programmable embedded SIMs, things may never be the same again.

For the purpose of this discussion it does not really matter...