How blockchain technology is disrupting the telco industry: A guide

According to Statista, the telco services market - including fixed-network and mobile services - will grow to almost $1.46 trillion by 2020. The majority of this growth is expected to occur in the Asia Pacific, Europe, and North America regions.

In a bid to leverage this growth, both industry newcomers and incumbents have begun to explore the disruptive potential of blockchain technology....

How telcos can win and retain customers with analytics

In the shifting telecommunications landscape, identifying competitors is more difficult than it used to be. Telecommunications companies (telcos) are no longer just competing among themselves for customers – they must now fend off challenges from device manufacturers and over-the-top (OTT) services running on their network infrastructure, as well as popular digital service providers such as Amazon, Netflix, and Spotify.

Price is no longer an effective differentiator. Years of...

Nokia implements augmented intelligence to unlock value from telco data

Nokia is expanding its Analytics Services, which will be powered by the Nokia AVA cognitive services platform, in order to unlock value from telco data, enabling an improved network issue resolution and fewer dropped calls for operators.

The new services are based on Nokia Shannon Intelligence, which integrates augmented intelligence throughout the company's end-to-end portfolio.

The Nokia Analytics Services are multi-vendor capable and are built on several key...

Major potential for IoT in transportation but lots of work to do, new research finds

A new piece of research from Inmarsat argues that a lack of data-sharing skills and processes will negate deriving the best insights from Internet of Things (IoT) solutions in the transport sector.

The research, which was conducted in May of this year by Vanson Bourne and took responses from 100 large transport companies, found many potential use cases for IoT, from monitoring environmental changes – cited by 54% of respondents – to speeding up time to market...

Escaping silos to pursue scale: The top three big data challenges for telcos


When looking at common problems organisations face around building strategic big data analytics programmes, it’s interesting to look at the challenges and how they differ from industry to industry. While banks and insurance companies may struggle with legacy technology, and retailers fight against unmanageable volume, there is one thing that is certain: when it comes to big data, telcos are all starting from different places and perspectives, and there is...

How mobile comms instrumentation is meeting the big data and IoT challenge


It is 25 years since the 900 MHz GSM standard marked the birth of digital wireless communications. The hunger for data in cellular communications remains insatiable and demand for further technological progress persists. A tenfold increase in mobile data traffic is expected over the next six years, and experts predict an exponential increase in the number of things (Internet of Things, IoT) that communicate with each...

Why location intelligence is the secret weapon for telcos and mobile operators


The mobile and telecoms industries are experiencing seismic change. Alongside the dramatic rise in smartphone ownership, there has been major behavioural and cultural change in how we use our phones. We are less likely to use smartphones for voice, and more likely to use them for accessing the internet, viewing apps, listening to music, taking photos or playing games. In the 12 months to August 2015, our use of mobile devices to access the internet rose by 67%...

Opinion: The benefits of moving from NOC to SOC

(Image Credit: iStockPhoto/PeopleImages)

With the growth of MBB (Mobile Broadband) surpassing expectations, operators and CSPs (Communication Service Providers) are finding it tough to manage and ensure customer experience in real-time. People are using Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, streaming videos, and opening multiple websites at the same time on their mobile phone, and often complaining about poor speed and coverage.

Due to changing...

Smart carriers offer “Smart Home” solutions

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The vision of the Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly moving from theory to practice. Attend any industry trade show and vendors are demoing their latest technology for the connected world ecosystem, from smart cars, to m-Health, smart homes and cities. Every player within this ecosystem wants to make sure that they are getting a piece of the IoT pie.

Carriers that want to join the IoT space cannot simply remain the “dumb...

Riding on the crest of the big data wave

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Big data means many things to many people, but can commonly be defined by the three Vs: volume, variety and velocity. Today, it is not just greater volumes of data that are being created but also a rapidly expanding variety of data sources, and data is being created at ever faster velocity.

However, the synchronised acceleration of the three Vs is not being mirrored by businesses, whose ability to harness big data is evolving in waves....