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SVELLA buys out NMCN telco division following its collapse

Collapsing Building

Private investor SVELLA has bought out the telecoms, plant, transport, and accommodation divisions of NMCN following its collapse into administration.

SVELLA had been leading the proposed £24 million recapitalisation of the business before the plan fell through.

Since then,...

WBA: 83% of survey respondents plan to deploy WiFi 6/6E by 2022

A cross-industry survey conducted by the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) has found that 83 percent of respondents plan to deploy Wi-Fi 6/6E before the end of 2022.

The survey includes service providers, equipment manufacturers, and enterprises around the world and highlights the...

Going mobile: Tapping smartphones for the future of commercial security

Today, almost everyone is walking around with a mini supercomputer in their pocket. Your smartphone just keeps getting smarter. Now you can sync your refrigerator with your phone, open your car door without a key, and even check on your home security from anywhere. So, why are businesses so...

ITU and Vodafone launch initiative to connect 3.4B unconnected

United Nations agency International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has partnered with Vodafone to launch an initiative to connect 3.4 billion people.

An internet connection is increasingly vital in the modern world to unlock opportunities. Faster connections can mean even greater...